Vision & Mission


The vision of Holy Trinity Christian Church is to be growing communities of committed followers of Christ, who proclaim the Gospel message by word and deed in our city, country and to the ends of the world.


The mission of Holy Trinity CC is to fulfill God’s purpose for us in our time, as we:
1.Proclaim actively the Gospel message in a contemporary, authentic and fruitful way in this world.
2.Follow, grow in and reflect the teaching and character of the Lord Jesus Christ
3.Participate actively in the life of the community as a Family of Faith
4.Glorify God in all aspects of our lives by our deeds and words

Strategic Goals:

1. To build disciples
2. To plant new churches
3. To transform our community with Kingdom values

Three pillars:

1. Worship – regular, inspired and inspiring
2. Discipleship – intentional, transforming, holistic
3. Mission – effective, local and global